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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an integrated & Digital approach towards marketing, which is need for every organisation

Benefit of social media marketing:

• Social media marketing is an easier way to retain and build excellent customer relation.
• More than 1000 million users daily access their Facebook and more than 100 million tweets happen in every day. Which itself shows how powerful is social media now

Our services

Logicel specializes in creating content, which is a backbone of any digital media and also encourages readers to share it with other networking resources. Our services include Specialized Custom build solutions for blogging.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is a tool to promote visibility of websites in different search engines. Our Internet marketing practice revolves around Enhancing brand value, attracting more Clients and building quality customer relationship by increasing traffic. We ensure that the client gets guaranteed traffic by following both SEO and SEM. Logicel ensures that the client gets maximum return on investment. Developing customized marketing Strategies for companies are part of our services.

Outsource Link Building

LOGICEL is an offshore Software & Web Development Company company based in India, which offers professional link building services .Our team of professional link builders, follows ethical approach towards link building. LOGICELlink building service includes directory submission and article submission services. Outsource your link-building campaign to Logicel India, to see a real difference in your website's back links and keyword progress.

Our services include directory submission and article submission. Logicel follows structured approach in creating quality inbound links to websites. Inbound links towards a website are termed as quality links which are generated by applying Effective and professional link building strategies. Success in online business depends on your search engine rankings in major engines like yahoo, Bing, and Google. Search engines use complicated algorithm in assigning rank to a website.Our link building solutions and directory submission services gives more visibility and in turn leads to increased traffic to a website. Search engine ranking position (SERP) depends on quality links.