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Push Marketing

Bulk SMS System

Logicel is bulk SMS service provider and bulk SMS marketing company Situated in India offering bulk SMS solution through innovative and creative applications. We are bulk SMS text & Voice messaging service providers. As SMS marketing company in India we focus on bulk SMS marketing and bulk SMS solution for all our clients. We are here to make a change in the IT sector to provide fast, reliable and quality services for our clients. Our bulk SMS text messaging service involves the effective use of latest technologies and platforms to support our client requirements.

Bulk E-Mail System

Logicel offer bulk E-Mail marketing to help websites to built a audience traffic. You can consider mass E-Mail marketing as one of the easy solution for all your requirements for advertising online. With bulk E-Mail service, you will be granted with consistent traffic to your website .It can be considered as the perfect way to help the business owners to increase their reachbility and to make rich income by creating new awareness. Logicel offer bulk E-Mail advertising and bulk E-Mail solutions to make your customers keep returning back again and again. Our E-Mail marketing system can help to send newsletters, price lists, offers, promotional letters, invitations and many more online portals that will keep your visitors from returning back again and again. Though it is inexpensive it can bring in a lot of traffic for your website