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Goldiee Group

SHUBHAM GOLDIEE MASALE (P) LTD. is a symbolic name is every household in northern India with adding popularity amongst the food lovers and quality conscious people all over the world . Having a strong dealer network of around 1200 distributors and C&F agents.

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Newlight Institute

New Light Coaching Classes is among the few institutes countrywide that has revived the education market and given it completely a new facade. New Light Coaching Classes has taken an extended leap in grabbing the exceptional opportunities that are present in Education and Training.

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Selectix Solutions is one of the niche solution provider addressing Enterprise-wise Business and Technology needs of companies in Singapore. We primarily provide services through a right mix of People, Process and Technology across various industry verticals.

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RHL Profiles Limited

The Indian subcontinent has a history of devastating earthquakes. The major reason for the high frequency and intensity of the earthquakes is that India is driving into the Asian subcontinent at a rate of approximately 47 mm / year. Geographical statistics of India show that almost 54% of the land is vulnerable to earthquakes.

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Sakshicheta Vidyabharati Education Centre

I strongly believe to develop in the students the qualities of "Integrity, Honesty, Trust, Tolerance Compassion and Curiosity". School years are crucial for the development of good habits, sound character and a positive attitude. Students of today face a world that continually demands new knowledge and abilities.

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