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CSS Advantages

CSS has lots of advantages and that's the reason it is used along with XHTML.

For websites that contain hundreds of pages, using CSS is very useful as a single external style sheet can be prepared where changes for the whole site can be done, rather than changing in each and every page! It is cost effective, flexible and printer friendly as well.

CSS allows the content to come first, in the page followed by the code. This proves to be very useful in terms of Google ranking. Also the pages created are much faster and easy to load, thus reducing the file size as well. The coding also becomes much easier, as many complex codes are reduced using CSS. AES is an expert with XHTML - CSS. The redesigning done by us is quite affordable, at the same time very reliable and effective as well. This is the reason why many of our clients still come back to us asking for our XHTML - CSS services!