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XHTML/CSS Based Web Designing
XHTML/CSS Redesign
XHTML - the extended HyperText Markup Language has been sprung out of HTML with a combination of XML. CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), on the other hand assists XHTML by providing flexibility to the design created. CSS also gives strong pixel level control and change the entire feel and look of the site, in a shorter time frame. Both XHTML and CSS are used nowadays to provide clean and awesome structural makeover, along with getting various effects like various fonts, colors, layout changes etc. Using this latest technology combination, AES has carved a separate place for itself in the world of web development.

XHTML is considered to be the best for web designers who design websites that are used by the general public as these sites make the most use of XHTML features like utilizing style sheets etc. XHTML is also useful in dividing the browser window, into more than one frame. AES helps in redesigning the already HTML sites using XHTML and CSS. XHTML helps to change all stylistic markups from the HTML available in the document. CSS is independent over XHTML, but at the same time can be used to change the look of the sites in a lesser time frame.

There are many advantages of using XHTML and CSS in your sites. The individual advantages are listed below.

XHTML Advantages
When compared to HTML, XHTML is stricter in terms of the rules and the structure, thus allowing the web pages to work well with any kind of browsers. XML tools work very well with XHTML, thus making it easier and effective to handle. Also the data available inside can be accessed more easily, in a programmatic manner.